Appliance Automation 12channel

Product Description

  • Appliance Automation 12channel 10A /per Ch. with scene controller Multi Phase, Multi-Current, Multi voltage.
  • Software Selectable programmable Motor function: Double Throw Dipole Grouping.
  • Work 220/110 VAC, 50-60Hz as well as 1.5-48VDC (Green operated supplied by 24VAC/12mA)
  • Small and elegant with easy labeling space, output status LED indicator, network health, broadcast address button and Momentary channel button.
  • Can be used in any location that require energy saving, intelligent control such as apartment, Villa, Offices, Restaurant, Hotels or factories
  • Load Compatibility: – • All Types of Lighting Water Heaters & Appliances • Water Pumps & Solenoids • Track lighting • Sirens, Flashers++


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