Appliance Automation 12channel

A simple product in Logancee is just that: simple physical product that you ship. There are no options like size or color


Product Description

  • Automation Controller has a built in Clock and Main Automation Controller.
  • It is the smart system servant that assists and monitors temperature, events, energy consumption, and patterns, with main Targets: maintain, safeguard, protect and economize in short it.
  • It can trigger prayer announcements, reminders, alerts, macros, and moods.
  • Automation controller has condition consist of trigger combinations like: time, scene Light channel status, curtain status, room temperature, security mode, day night, time… and many more.
  • HAVC Compatibility: – • lights Moods • Media • Curtains • Security • Music • SMS • Pumps • Access • Scenes • Temperature •  FAN